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Read what parents and kids who have completed the course have to say!

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Natalie ~ Lauren's Mum

I decided to give BizKidz a go to give my daughter a confidence push in the business world! She had the business idea and had started the creations but was very lost in where it was all going. With the help of Cheryl and BizKidz, she has now managed to really get to the final point of her business. The course is excellent as it guides the children step-by-step in all the areas they need to start a business. I even think I have learned from it and I have been in business for 20 years! I would definitely recommend BizKidz for any child who has an idea but doesn’t know how to get that idea out to the public!

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Eli ~ Kiki's Mum

BizKidz is exactly what Kiki needed to help her turn her idea into a business. We cannot recommend Cheryl and her training enough! She has taught the children the structure of business and helped them on the way. Kiki has met so many talented young entrepreneurs and is really excited for the future! This is an incredible community for children willing to start their journey in business! Thank you, Cheryl!

Wendy ~ Daisy's Mum

I was keen to get Daisy involved with BizKidz as Cheryl is a brilliant businesswoman and I wanted Daisy to learn from the best! She has found BizKidz to be fun, engaging and loved the support she’s received. It’s been so helpful in moving her lip gloss business forward and also given her more confidence and a head start in understanding the world of business. Would totally recommend to others.

An EcoKiss lipgloss pictured on a bed of yellow flowers, by one of our students Zuza
Packaged up products made my Sam and Matthew. They are 7 orange crayons, each a different letter of 'bizkidz', along with a note and some chocolate eggs to thank their customer!

Ally ~ Morgan's Mum

Since joining up to BizKidz academy Morgan has had the motivation to go ahead with her business idea. She is more knowledgeable and confident and has really benefited from Cheryl’s expert advice and support.

Building a Bigger Table with Shaa Wasmund Podcast 

Learn how Cheryl encourages the kids to become entrepreneurs without pushing them too hard on episode 40 of Shaa's podcast! They spoke about some really fantastic stuff, like the passion behind BizKidz and the importance of giving kids the opportunity to steer their own future.

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