Why It's Important To Work Together With Other Business People

Uncategorized Jan 07, 2022

Last year I joined my first mastermind! I had been reading about other business owners online who were in in them, and I was curious. What happens in a Mastermind? Could this benefit me and my businesses?


So, I did it! I committed to working with my new Business Mentor (Shaa Wasmund) and 10 other business owners for 90 days. We met weekly on Zoom, had mindset coaching as a group, business coaching and mentoring as well as hot seats! We supported each other within our peer group to move our businesses forward and continue to do so still today!

What became very apparent was how powerful it is to surround yourself with other business owners who are also striving to improve both personally and within their business. 

This is something I have continued to benefit from long after joining my first mastermind and is something that I now incorporate into my coaching business and even BizKidz®️ Academy!


Students use breakout rooms for smaller group work, this gives them the chance to talk to each other and help each other out in smaller groups. By working in smaller groups, kids have the chance to speak and it allows them to connect with the rest of the room, get to know each other and work together to improve everyone’s businesses. Some kids may not be confident enough to speak to a full Zoom room immediately, which is why the mini breakout rooms are perfect to help the kids grow in confidence and really bolster their businesses.


Once their groups and new business friendships are formed, I love to hear our BizKidz®️ asking for, and offering each other, advice and help. My favourite thing, is when I overhear the kids encouraging and cheering each other on ‘you are doing so well’ ‘wow, your website looks amazing’ … ‘I love your products’ ‘I’m going to place MY order’ 💗


If you have a potential BizKidz®️ student and would like to find out more and potentially join our next co-hort, please get in touch here or jump right in and book their spot here!

Similarly, if you are like me and are curious about joining a Mastermind do contact me here and I will gladly share what I have developed to support my clients over in my business coaching & mentoring business (my mastermind includes business planning while on a super yacht 😂). We will kick off again in the spring!


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