What Are Values?

learning top tips Oct 05, 2021

Do you know what your values are? If you were to start a business, or if you have already started a business, do you think your values translate well? Are they in line with your beliefs? As business owners, it's important that our customers and employees know that we keep to our values. Keeping consistent values will help you to retain customers, look after your team, and make sure that everyone knows what you and your business are all about.

They can help us make important decisions like whether or not to start a business, what path to take, or what venture to pursue. They influence the way we live and work, often without us really noticing. If we make use of our values consciously, we can feel more fulfilled in life and in work, and feel like what we’re doing is worthwhile.

There are a wealth of options for the values you may be able to identify. Some examples are loyalty, honesty, integrity, selflessness, kindness, compassion, creativity, and ambition. So, how do you identify which resonate with you? 

You may be able to look at that list and know which are most applicable to you. But, if it’s not that simple, you can consider times when you were the most proud of yourself, or times that you felt really happy or fulfilled. What did you do to make yourself feel that way? Maybe it was someone else’s actions that lead to that; what did they do? You may also be able to identify your values in others. Maybe you haven’t had the chance to do something yet, like donate to a charity, but when you hear of others doing it, it makes you feel good.

Once you’ve identified them, it can be good to apply some of these to your business. If you were to employ someone, which of these values would you hope you shared with them? Which of them do you hope you get across to your customers? Which of them have you already shown in your business - if you have one?

Identifying your values can give you a sense of direction and aid you in making big decisions!


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