The Importance of Inspiration

Uncategorized Feb 28, 2022

Have you ever felt like you’re lacking something, whether that be motivation or drive, or you're just generally feeling low?

It can be hard to find something that truly inspires us at times, but this doesn’t mean that it isn’t important to do so. After all, it is the inspiration that makes us get out of bed in the morning and keeps us motivated to work hard.

Inspiration can take many different forms, and everyone looks to different things for it. For example, some people see an inspirational quote online that resonates with them, and they may take a lot away from it. Others, like myself, look up to public figures. These are just some common examples, but I have found that inspiration really can come from anywhere! 


Personally, I look up to footballers, like Cristiano Ronaldo for all the hard work that he has done to maintain such a high skill level, even at the age of 36, or Marcus Rashford for all the good that he has brought to our country. These are the type of people that inspire me, as I really want to leave a positive impact on the world, and I think they have done just that. 

Being inspired can be a huge benefit for all of us, as it can give us that extra bit of motivation that we may require to really push on and do something, whether it be something small like getting out of bed and doing some exercise or something more impactful such as setting up your own business. 

It can be important for us to find what inspires us to move forward and grow (even something as simple as a quote) as it gives us something to aim towards and allows us to see what our lives could look like in the future with some hard work. It makes us believe we can do anything! Have you found what inspires you yet?


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