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Uncategorized Dec 21, 2021

At BizKidz, we’re no strangers to finding fantastic solutions to our problems, and we wanted to share some of the resources we’ve found and love to use while we work!


Canva – We love using Canva to create all of our designs, for social media and for our website! It is so easy to use, and it’s hard to believe some of the features are free. You can make all kinds of designs, and with the paid version, you can even remove the background of images, which we make great use of and would be amazing for online shops to use too!

Grammarly – If you don’t like writing, Grammarly is for you. It is a plugin you can install on chrome that allows you to write and receive corrections as you go! 

Ali Baba – For those after a wholesaler for their products, we always recommend starting out on Ali Baba. It has everything you might wish to sell at extremely low prices!

Trello – When we’re trying to organise our thoughts, we use Trello. It is an organisational tool which allows you to keep all your thoughts in one place, and you can set deadlines and reminders for your thoughts, so that you don’t forget to act on them!

Ecommerce Websites


We love helping our BizKidz start their businesses, and we are often on hand to advise them on which website to use to get started.


Square – Powered by Weebly, square is a great free tool which you can use to set up a website, and sell things on the very same day! Some of our BizKidz need their parents help getting all set up, but our experts are on hand to help with the rest! Carrie and Ross both set up their own websites on Square and have spent a long while learning the ins and outs of it. We run website workshops all the time to help our BizKidz learn more too.

Other websites we like are Wix and Wordpress.


The Nitty Gritty


Termly & Rocket Lawyer – When looking at our terms and conditions, we like to point our BizKidz in the direction of Termly and Rocket Lawyer. Their services help to streamline all the boring parts of writing out terms and conditions of a website. 

Hopefully you found something helpful in this blog! We’re always around on our social media to answer any questions about this or anything else.


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