Motivation - What's It All About?

top tips Jul 06, 2021

Have you ever heard the saying, “Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try”? Have you ever been laying in bed with absolutely no drive to getting up? Have you ever found yourself unable to start a task, and then missing a deadline as a result?  

You’re in need of some motivation! 

When we’re motivated, daily tasks and responsibilities seem to be easier to do and tend to be more achievable. Goals and targets push us to start or stop something, but is there more than that at play? Learning how to motivate yourself is an incredibly important step to take when thinking about starting a new task. It is a decision you need to make to get to where you want to be. It’s just as important for doing homework or walking your dog as it is for starting a business or getting a job.  

Learning how to motivate yourself

What does success look like to you? Sometimes, having a clear vision of what you want is exactly what you need to motivate you! Do you want to get straight A*’s? You need to study! Do you want to be super healthy? You need to eat well and exercise. Having vision is crucial to succeeding. If we don’t know what drives us, how are we supposed to go anywhere? A lot of people will use this vision as their inspiration and motivation, as it is also a goal to strive for; working for a cause, not for applause! 

Top Tip: Break up your big tasks into smaller, more manageable tasks! 

Some people struggle to motivate themselves and might need some help from others, which is a fantastic way to stay motivated! For example, a lot of people will go to the gym with a friend or get the help of a personal trainer, so that there is always someone reminding them to keep pushing themselves.  

Others might be motivated by a prize or a reward! Have you ever played a coin pusher in an arcade and used up lots of 2p coins trying to get a keyring to drop into the tray? That’s because you were motivated by the toy or the sweet or the keyring to keep trying! When there’s a reward at the end of a task, it can feel like it was worth doing. 

Think about which method you relate to most. It’s ok if it’s different for every task; they’re not all going to have a prize at the end, and you’re not always going to be able to bring a friend.  

Staying motivated 

Motivation is an important and powerful tool, but it can be very hard to manage. Here’s what we have found;

Consistency is key! Find what works for you for different types of tasks and stick to it. If you are consistent and continue to practice the same motivational routines or rituals, you may see that you are consistently succeeding. If you don’t, or you find that your motivation is lacking over time, consider swapping how you motivate yourself.  

Also important to staying motivated is keeping a positive mindset. Practicing gratitude will see you more appreciative of yourself and the work you’re doing, and applying positive affirmations to your routine will keep you in the right mindset to succeed.  


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