How Carrie Kickstarted Her Career with BizKidz

insiders team spots Jun 29, 2021

Young people; Careers after Covid are closer than you think!

By this point, I'm sure you've all met Carrie, our Creative Content and Social Media Specialist, an if you haven't you can read all about her here. BizKidz took Carrie on as part of the government Kickstart scheme, which helps young adults aged 18-24 get their feet through the door of hundreds of businesses. Designed to lower unemployment rates, especially after covid, the scheme allows all kinds of businesses to employ all kinds of people! That's how I got a hold of Carrie! 

We sat down and spoke about her experience, which we wanted to share for those who may be considering taking on a kickstart participant, or considering becoming one!



How did you find out about Kickstart?

In a monthly call with the Job Centre, I was asked if I wanted to participate in the scheme as it might be easier to find something more permanent than the pizza delivery job I was working. I was sent Cheryl’s information at the end of the call and I ended up getting an interview the next day. I had two others to email as well, one of which also offered me an interview within the week, but Cheryl had already hired me!


How did you get started?

Right at the start of the first lockdown, I lost out on a big job when the company went under. I was able to support myself for a few months before I started to rely on Universal Credit. This ended up being the best thing I could have done. They supported me in months where my part time job wasn’t enough, and with monthly check ins, they helped me find BizKidz.


What’s been the best thing about being a kickstart participant? 

I am learning on the job and having a fantastic time doing so! The Kickstart scheme helps businesses of all sizes, meaning I am able to help grow Cheryl’s business, which gives me a massive amount of job satisfaction. It’s like I’m doing an apprenticeship without the pressure! I also really like the fact that I can work from home now, which isn't a kickstart element so much as a BizKidz perk, but it's definitely a fantastic result of the pandemic that more businesses are open to working from home now. I have my own home office and everything!


Would you recommend Kickstart?

My experience has been incredible, and I already have recommended it to some of my friends. I was hired very quickly, which is thanks to Cheryl’s efficiency and the dedication of the job centre. I would also recommend it for the chance to grow. Cheryl was looking to develop skills she found I already had and help me to gain experience and knowledge. I'm grateful to Cheryl for the opportunity and think it's a fantastic step to take for both businesses and young adults.



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