Introducing Ross

insiders team spots Jul 02, 2021

Hi guys, my name is Ross and I’m 20 years old. I have just started working at BizKidz through the Kickstart scheme. Before joining BizKidz, I studied business and IT at college, where I gained my interest in marketing. 

I applied for the role of Creative Content and Social Media Specialist after a Microsoft Teams meeting with Cheryl Dodd, explaining all about BizKidz, and what she could offer me. I knew this role was perfect for me straight away because, not only do I spend practically all my free time on social media, but I also wanted to take a big step outside of my comfort zone and try something new and challenging.  

I have always been a naturally shy person, and have had very little self-confidence at times, and I am trying to overcome that at BizKidz, by getting more involved with interactions on social media, as well as small things like taking pictures with the rest of the team.  

I am a huge football fan! I support Manchester United, and I watch every single game that I possibly can. I also love to play 5-a-side football with my friends as often as I can, as a goalkeeper. For those days where I am stuck at home, I enjoy gaming on my Xbox One, I mainly enjoy Minecraft and Football Manager, or watching a TV series on Netflix. 

I’m looking forward to working for BizKidz, and hope that I can do a great job so that I can still be a part of this team, even when the Kickstart scheme has ended. 


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