Introducing Nick

insiders team spots Oct 01, 2021

Hello everyone! My name is Nick, I’m 24, and I am the third person to join the BizKidz company from the Kickstart scheme. The job title that I have now is ‘Trainee Technical Specialist’, which is quite exciting for me because it’s very different to anything that I have previously done for work. I have done a variety of different jobs such as working in fast food restaurants, making coffee and serving ice cream at a dessert parlour, fitting carpets and the odd warehouse/factory work. I’m very much looking forward to helping Cheryl with her business the best I can and in the process gain experience in an office/working from home environment that will benefit further for my career prospects.

So a little bit about me! I have returned this year (2021) from studying Music at Sussex University where I had the opportunity to explore my passion for music further. Turns out, I didn’t really like university. I love the creative freedom of playing guitar but through my experiences I found that deep down I didn’t want to pursue a career through it.

I’m hoping to join the navy next year as a Communications and Information Systems Specialist. So, as you can tell, I have quite a bizarre resume, but my life so far has been about finding what I really want to do. I’m still on that journey, and now that journey has taken me here.

I’m a massively into football, Arsenal is my team and has been since birth due to my father naming me after two Arsenal players. One was Nicolas Anelka and other is Tony Adam (Arsenal legend) who I share my middle name with. Such a shame - the current embarrassing state that the club is in right now - but the less spoken about that the better!

I play football almost everyday being a mixture of 5 aside games or training with my 11 aside Saturday teammates. I absolutely love it. Love the physicality and that competitiveness of it, one day when I’m older, I reckon I’d like to manage a football team to inspire more people to get involved in the sport. Here’s a video of me scoring! (It doesn’t happen often - I must get someone to video it or else no one would believe me!)


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