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insiders team spots Jun 10, 2021

Hi, nice to e-meet you! My name is Carrie (like the Stephen King, but without the powers), I'm 21, and I recently joined BizKidz as part of the government kickstart scheme, getting young people like me into work.

Work wise, I have a level 2 qualification in Counselling Skills, a level 3 qualification in Business Administration, and I have taken two other courses, one about children and young people's mental health, and one in dressmaking. How do any of those connect? They don't! But it gives me a whole lot to talk about in interviews...

I play Dungeons & Dragons every week (6 times a week to be precise), which is a table top role-playing game played with dice and friends. I like the escapism I get from playing and I love that it keeps me in touch with so many of my friends on a regular basis! When I'm not playing, (or working) I'm usually watching real play streams like Critical Role, or documentaries and TV shows on Netflix and Disney+.

I'm a massive Disney fan, and have been to Walt Disney World in Florida 5 times! For obvious reasons, my plans to go a 6th time last year and a 7th this year have been foiled, but I'm hopeful for 2022 or 2023! I run an instagram account dedicated to the fun I have had at Disney World and have done so successfully for around 3 years now! I also started a blog at the same time, but that is much less well maintained.

At BizKidz, I'm the Creative Content and Social Media Specialist, which is perfect because I love to write! During lockdown I made steps to becoming a freelance writer and have combined all my hobbies into doing so at some point. Whether it's a Disney blog, writing d&d backstories for people on Fiverr, or writing fiction to escape, I'm always writing something! Working with BizKidz is a fantastic opportunity for me to write for a living, while working on a whole wealth of other skills.

Alongside all of this, I also own my own small business! It's called Arcane Willow and I sell fancy dice bags for fellow nerds, as well as some Disney scrunchies and masks. I started it during lockdown while I had next to no income and have loved every second. I've made plenty of sales but I'm hoping to make plenty more!

I'm very excited to be working for BizKidz and I hope that I do my job well, so that even after the Kickstart scheme has ended, I can stick around and keep doing what I love!


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