Getting to Know Charla from The Grateful Hearts Club

interviews Aug 06, 2021

We sat down with Charla to get to know her and the inspiration behind her business, The Grateful Hearts Club! We were inspired by her to write our Tuesday blog all about Gratitude, so we thought it was only fair that we go to an expert for a little more about how she got started.

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Charla Grant, and I’m the founder of the grateful hearts club and I share what I know about gratitude to help people use it to live a happier life! I do this through workshops and coaching, and I’ve even got some gratitude products available.

How did you get started doing what you do?

Gratitude is a very lived experience for me. I learned about it at a difficult time in my life and once I realised how useful it was, I realised I had to share it with others. As I've gained a better understanding of my own values, I wanted to create a business which allowed me to share them and build on them. I've been a bit of a quest to design a life that I love full of the things that matter to me.

How did you start your business? 

I worked backwards! I designed some gratitude cards to help me make gratitude a habit, and then realised that other people needed to understand what gratitude was. Then, I created a workshop, which gave me a better understanding of what people needed to learn, and that prompted me to create content for coaching sessions!

What's your number one tip for the BizKidz?

I think it's easy to compare ourselves to others in life (and in business), but understand that what makes your business special is you.

What do you like to do when you’re not hard at work?

I love Dancing, gigs & festivals. I’m also a foodie. I love food, and creating new food memories! Every meal is a memory to me, but I love creating special food memories!

If you could step into the world of any book, which one would you choose?

I’d love to say the Hunger Games or something because I can imagine myself being a powerful female central character, but I’m going to say Lord of the Rings! I would love to be a character like Cate Blanchette’s Galadriel or Liv Tyler’s Arwen, for the same reasons


Charla is offering coaching sessions at the moment called tune in to you, which is all about working out who we are now. She’s also looking forward to doing workshops for younger people, like her upcoming Grateful Arts Club project, which takes young people on a journey through art and gratitude. There will be an exhibition in September showcasing their fantastic work! Find out more on the Instagram page for the project @thegratefulartsclub.

We’re grateful to Charla for taking the time out of her busy schedule to sit and entertain us for this article. You can check out our previous blog on Gratitude here, and you can find Charla on Instagram and Facebook at @thegratefulheartsclub, and online at


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