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insiders team spots Nov 23, 2021

I’ve almost been with BizKidz for 6 months now, and how time has flown! During that time, I’ve hopped on a call at least once a week, sometimes twice, to help Cheryl out with business mentoring, which has lead to a few things being picked up along the way!

Through BizKidz, I’ve watched and supported loads of kids through the process of starting a business. I’ve seen them dream big, and reach and achieve their goals, time and time again. It is a hugely uplifting project to be a part of, and I can truly see that these kids are going to be hugely successful thanks to their entrepreneurial skills, and their initiative to nurture them from a young age. Kids as young as 7 are making similar sales to my own business, and that is incredible!

When I started with Cheryl I had a business that was essentially dead in the water. It was a business I started over lockdown and ended up falling out of routine with when it came to posting regularly and updating. I had a few Etsy listings, which had mostly run out, and that was pretty much it.

Watching the kids on our courses gather the courage to launch their own businesses and be successful absolutely inspired me to get my business going again. I followed the process a couple of times over, and I now have a fully operational website, complete with shop and subscription box! I’ve even gained the confidence to register with a wholesaler and branch out from handmade items to a much easier means of procurement.

I’ve also spent this six month period honing my writing skills, by writing this blog and almost all our social media posts. That’s about 25 blogs, and well over 250 social posts! I’ve also built and improved on multiple websites for Cheryl, complete with landing pages and more! This has built my confidence up, and I’m now happy to say that I’ve just launched my services as a freelance writer and VA!

So, truly, who knows what the future holds for me! I hope that it holds lots of writing jobs and sales, and a good connection to Cheryl for the future, and I wish her all the best for future projects and with BizKidz!

And to those who have consistently read our blog while I’ve been writing them, thank you very much!


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