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learning Oct 12, 2021

It’s Black History Month in the UK (which is where BizKidz is based), and we've been learning lots. It's important to take time to educate ourselves about black history, especially in the UK, where very little is included in our school curricula. History which has been ignored, misrepresented, appropriated or disrespected is most important to educate yourself on, and we all have a responsibility to do so.

The Black History Month mission statement is "Dig deeper. Look closer. Think bigger." and so we’d like to take some time, in honour of the event, to celebrate some black owned businesses. (You can learn all about Black History Month here; https://www.blackhistorymonth.org.uk/ ) 

Very Puzzled

This fantastic company are dedicated to giving children (and, in turn, adults) a “platform that allows them to explore and learn about the richness of the African continent”, through the medium of puzzles! Each one features attractions and landmarks of the countries and continents they depict. It can be challenging to supplement a child’s learning with diverse materials, but we think Very Puzzled have found an amazing solution to this!

Y-Fit Wear

The founders of Y-Fit Wear focus their efforts on drive and motivation, with focus on ‘why’, as the name suggests! On their website, they say “The vision of the brand is to provide a spark of motivation through our sportswear which we define as an expression of sport, culture & lifestyle.”

Kai Collective

Founded by Fisayo Longe in 2016, this London-based women’s fashion brand is driven by a “passion for women and equality”. They urge their community “never to accept any limitations that might be placed on them”. They have some fantastic luxury items of clothing, celebrating femininity and equality.

Yard + Parish

Cousins Alesha and Samantha (pictured above) founded Yard + Parish, a business to uplift other businesses and celebrate culture! They say “At the heart of the company is an ethos of support for Black-owned businesses and an aim to make sustainable products more accessible”, which is inspiring! Their website features a wealth of products from other black-owned businesses, each with their own story to tell!

The Letter Well

What began as a simple showcase for calligraphy has grown into a grand stage for beautifully designed stationery products and greetings cards. Committed to assisting you “in living out your best life”, The Letter Well stock some amazing products, from prints and notebooks to apparel!


To visit any of these amazing websites, simply click their names in this blog and you’ll be able to go straight there and check out their fantastic work! You can find even more black owned businesses to support on websites like https://black2business.uk and https://lovejamii.com/ who are both dedicated to supporting others!

Remember, not all support has to be monetary. While it's definitely the number 1 way to help out a business, support comes in many forms! You could share their websites and social medias, follow them and like their content! (Equally, though, remember that support is not payment)

All images used in this blog were taken directly from the websites of each business. All image rights go to each business respectively. 

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